Shawn Yates BA

Shawn Yates is an Enterprise Agile Coach for Philips in Andover, MA. Over the last 20 years Shawn has held the roles of Project Manager, Systems Engineer and VP of Engineering for various Philips business units. As an Enterprise Agile Coach, Shawn uses Lean and Agile Project Management techniques to help business units across the US transform their culture and establish new ways of working. With a focus on “why”, he guides leaders, managers and individuals through the change process. Through the use of a variety of hands-on techniques such as simulations, workshops and even playing with Legos, he reinforces lessons and provides firm and reliable guidance for establishing new ways of working that allow businesses to be more responsive to customer needs and market changes. Shawn holds is Bachelors of Science in Computer and Information Sciences and certifications including Scaled Agile Program Consultant 4 (SPC4), Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Lean Advanced Practitioner, and Sig Sigma Green Belt. He spent 6 years in the US Airforce working on C-5 aircraft. Shawn lives in Worcester, MA with his wife, two daughters, two rabbits, a dog, a bird and a turtle.