ACR 2015 The Crossroads of Radiology

ACR2015VM07 - New Payment Models Meet Big Data

May 17, 2015 1:30pm ‐ May 17, 2015 3:00pm


As healthcare delivery models evolve into ones that reward value over volume, the mechanisms by which physicians and facilities will be compensated will change. To date, there is little consensus on how radiologists and radiology departments will be addressed under new payment models. This program intends to demonstrate the power of historical analytic data in forming the baseline for innovative local and national payment models that will align stakeholder interests. Increasingly, practice leaders will be required to establish contracts based on risk and value. Given the seeming lack of information regarding new payment models and how they are actually implemented, it is easy for radiologists to feel hopeless or powerless against the oncoming tide of change. This session will show how, using data and analytics, radiology and radiologists can regain control of their financial stake in the patient encounter. Although big data and analytics may sound like somethings that cannot affect your day-to-day practice as a radiologist, it turns out that having powerful tools work in the background can allow for better, more consistent reports, better communication of critical results and follow-up, and a more proactive, rather than reactive, radiology practice.

Subspecialties: NIS
Modalities: NI



  • Research Grants: Harvey Neiman Health Policy Institute Grant

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