ACR 2015 The Crossroads of Radiology

ACR2015VM33 - Essential Tools for Radiology Leaders

May 18, 2015 1:30pm ‐ May 18, 2015 3:00pm


In one way or another, every radiologic professional is called upon to lead, and each of us can enhance our understanding and performance as leaders.  Great leaders are usually great learners, and they learn from both successes and failures.  This session explores great leadership successes and failures to reveal their important lessons.  This enables us to address essential leadership questions: What constitutes success?  What constitutes failure?  What factors seem to promote each?  How do great leaders learn from such experiences?  How can we apply these lessons to our own lives?   By exploring these questions, we can enhance our understanding and performance as leaders.<br> Radiologists are, in general, poor negotiators. They don't know how to negotiate, what to negotiate, and when to negotiate. This lecture will apply the basic principles of negotiations to hospital professional services agreements (radiology contracts). Radiologists will learn the concepts of best alternative to a negotiated agreement, reservation price, targets, and anchoring as these concepts pertain to negotiations between hospitals and their radiology groups. Understanding and exploiting a radiology group's power will be covered. This presentation will discuss the terms (contract clauses) that hospital administrators tend to include in radiology contracts, and suggestions for modifying problematic demands will be offered. A distinction will be made between those clauses that enhance patient care and those that are restrictive and controlling in nature. Finally, the lecture will provide tips on optimizing a practice's chances for success in a hospital contract negotiation. How negotiations are carried out can impact not only the results, but also the relationship of the parties involved.

Subspecialties: NIS
Modalities: NI



  • Officer, Director: Imaging Consultants, Inc
  • Officer, Director: Boston Imaging Core Labs; Ownership/Partnership: Boston Imaging Core Labs

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