ACR 2016 The Crossroads of Radiology

ACR2016VM69 - Leadership Challenges: Missed Opportunities, Mistakes, and Valuable on the Job Lessons That Shaped Me

May 19, 2016 8:00am ‐ May 19, 2016 9:30am


The purpose of this session is to highlight some of the real life lessons in leadership that four seasoned radiology leaders have experienced over the course of their careers. Because of their practice situations, each has had unique experiences that they can share with the attendees and discuss the valuable lessons they learned from those experiences. When we do something right, and do it well, we tend to want to display our accomplishments by putting them under the spot light and displaying them for all to see. When we make a mistake, we tend to want them to recede quickly into the past. It is said that good leaders quickly learn from their mistakes and that these lessons learned can be more valuable than the takeaways from our easily achieved successes. Regardless of the levels of leadership responsibility, we will all make mistakes. No one is immune. What highlights or distinguishes the good leader is their ability to deal with the adversity created and then move on. Developed in conjunction with the Radiology Leadership Institute ®

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe several methods to recognize mistakes.
  2. Explain strategies on how to correct mistakes.
  3. Identify different approaches in enacting action plans to recover from mistakes.


  • Non-Clinical


  • Non-Clinical




  • Alexander Norbash: Consultant-Stryker; Stock Options-Boston Imaging Core Labs

  • Cheri Canon: Royalty Income-McGraw Hill

  • William Thorwarth: None

  • Arl Moore: None

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